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CNN was formed in 2015 with a small, veteran group of numismatists who have combined over 150 years of rare coin experience. Our mission is to provide the best possible coins on the market today, competitively priced, with unparalleled personal service.

Although our company is "New" we have been actively buying and selling coins for over 30 years, with purchases and sales in excess of $500 million. Our principals have bought and sold over 80 of the "Top 100 Greatest U.S. Coins."

Meet Our Professionals

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Chris Napolitano


Chris Napolitano began his coin collecting journey when, at the age of six, his father brought home a few hundred silver dollars from Las Vegas. Since that time, Chris has been fortunate to handle coins valued at a few dollars, to Classic American Rarities worth millions of dollars. Mr. Napolitano was president and owner of Summit Rare Coins, founder and owner of American Rare Coins, and past president of Stacks Bowers Galleries.

He is a life member of the American Numismatic Association, as well as a member of the Professional Numismatic Guild for almost 25 years.

Although the opportunity to buy and sell rarities will always make headlines, the reality is we buy and sell thousands of coins each year under $2500. Chris and his staff welcome the opportunity to assist you, whether you’re building a meaningful collection, or looking to add that one special coin to your collection, use our expertise, professionalism, and honesty to your advantage!

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John Konop

Executive Vice President

John Konop has been an avid collector since the age of five when he sat at the kitchen table looking through change his parents had accumulated. The better dates soon found their way into cardboard 2x2’s

After almost 30 years as a Managing Director for Morgan Stanley, and it’s predecessor firms, John now spends his time with his colleagues at Chris Napolitano Numismatics.

His love and enjoyment of coins and investments is apparent in every conversation. Clients can always expect an open dialogue framed by honesty and integrity.

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Gene Nesheim

Gene Nesheim has been involved with coins for over 50 years when he and his brother sorted through piles of coins looking to fill holes in blue Whitman folders.

Buying and selling coins full-time since 1997, Gene started with David Hall Rare Coins building extensive collections for hundreds of collectors.

Having lived through many economic and numismatic cycles, Gene believes now is an excellent time to add to or start a new collection.

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Wendy Leonard

Wendy Leonard has been a fixture in the coin industry since 1982, when she began with David Hall Rare Coins. With the encouragement of David Hall and Van Simmons she decided to make a career in the coin business.

Since that time, Wendy has worked with many of the most influential people in the industry. A fixture on the coin show circuit, Wendy has helped thousands of clients, and will be happy to assist you and all your collecting interests. 

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Dale Larsen

Dale Larsen has been involved with coin collecting for over 55 years. He is a very recognized face and name having been a major buyer from the collecting public since 2002.

He has traveled the country for nearly 15 years advising, appraising, and purchasing coin collections. Dale was a key buyer for 13 years at Spectrum Numismatics and Stacks Bowers Galleries and has worked with thousands of collectors, and purchased millions of dollars in estate and family collections.

He is known for his honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and fairness in his dealings with clients. Dale welcomes the opportunity to offer assistance and expertise to maximize and offer top dollar for your coin holdings.

Email Dale - Click Here or Call: 877-741-3253